Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~Outdoor Showers, Beauty & Utility~

These outdoor showers are a beautiful way to dress up a garden wall, swimming pool area or side-yard. Aside from their obvious function of showering off sand & salt or chlorine, so as to not track it through the house  we make sure to include a low faucet for filling buckets or attaching a hose.

This "Bougainvillea & Hummingbird Mosaic" is one of my favorite beach showers. This is the fifth rendition of my design. They all come out a little differently. I have a lot of fun designing the planters as a collage of talavera tiles, drawing the twisted trunks and the vibrant mixtures of flowers & leaves. The hummingbird wings are detailed in ribbed tiles called 'astriados'. We have such a wonderful rainbow array to work with...it's as if I have a crayon box full of shine & texture!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Art of Handmade Mexican Tile

Thinking of adding on, or remodeling? Or maybe you just want to spruce the place up a little? Then think about tile.
Made from the very “Stuff of Life”...Earth, Air, Fire & Water...the tale of handmade Mexican tile is one of evolution. No longer just colorful, simple designs on 10cm clay squares...the industry has been improving and innovating. Sizes now range from 5cm to 30cm, with many new designs coming out all the time. Indeed, handmade Mexican tile is no longer confined to just being square. Round, picket, rhomboid, beveled, arabesque, fish-scale, free-form...the list is endless. This wide variety of shapes available adds yet another dimension of interest to your tile installations.
The range of colors available now is incredible. Our tilemaker in Saltillo has over 13 shades of green alone. Colibri Design is currently working on a series of higher end tiles for them based on 16th century European motifs, in subtle earth colors that appeal to the current North American palate. All of the tilemakers we represent will do custom work, right down to specified colors. And all these wonderful new colors make it possible to create quite realistic works of art in tile mosaic.
Textures have also changed and been improved upon...with new metallics, crackle finishes, three dimensional glazes, reliefs and even sculptural patterns that create their own environment. Don’t forget the glass tiles and figures in molded glass. These fabulous finishes offer diverse options for accenting stone and marble. Stone tiles and slabs make an elegant base for tiled edge treatments backsplashes to add the personal touch.
The variety of quality tile is another improvement. Durabilities range from basic quality that can be used for kitchen splashes, to high quality clays, glazes, and higher firing temperatures that produce tiles for use in fountains. Even with direct exposure to our wonderful rains they will remain undamaged. There are many new and beautiful tiles in the high-fired category. Using the right tile for the job will ensure that your tilework will stay beautful indefinitely.
Mexican handmade tile has come a very long way in the decades we have been using it. The economic downturn has made the marketplace more competitive than ever. Innovation is the key. The possibilities in handmade Mexican tile are endless, with something for every taste and budget. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


With our new web-site launched, we'll hopefully be a lot more visible on the internet. We look forward to creating some truly wonderful art for our neighbors in their homes & gardens. We're here all summer, so we'll be looking after all those projects you don't want to breathe the dust of during your time here in paradise. There's lots to explore on the new site, so get on over there...after you're done here, of course!

Find us here    http://www.ColibriDesignVallarta.com

Please also, check out our friends at PV Mirror on-line.  http://www.pvmirror.wordpress.com

You'll find fresh content from many interesting sources...including our own, if we may be so bold.

                                                     Now you'll know what to look for....

Sunday, October 28, 2012


We are working busily with our web designers at Griffin Graffix. We have a temporary page up now that shows a photo montage of some of our work. We're also getting new signs for the shop!!!!

I'm SOOOO excited!!!!!

E-mail: sales@colibridesignvallarta.com

Friday, September 28, 2012


Imagine our surprise to receive such distinguished visitors to our newly inaugurated "The Art of Tile at Galeria Colibri"

Diego was a little over-heated after his stroll on the malecon in our humid September weather. As a remedy, we offered them a Cerveza Victoria, which they quaffed with gusto and chased down with a shot of Mezcal El Cortijo.

We always have refreshments on hand for our visitors to enjoy with us. So come over & have a splash while checking out our vast array of tiles from all over Mexico!

Imaginense nuestro sorpresa en recibiendo tan distinguidos visitantes a nuestro nuevamente colocado "El Arte de los Azulejos en Galeria Colibri"

Diego fue un poco calentado despues de su paseo en el malecon con nuestro temporada de humidez de Septiembre.  Para poner remedio, ofrecimos a ellos una Cerveza Victoria, las quales les consumiron con mucho gusto, luego corriendo las con un trago de Mezcal El Cortijo.

Siempre, tenemos bastante refrescos para disfrutar con nuestros visitantes. Asi pues, ven a la galeria y disfruten con nosotros mientras vistando nuestro gran surtido de azulejos desde todas partes de Mexico!

               ~Por favor, disculpame si mi traduccion suena un poco deslumbrado, estoy aprendiendo.~

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Another example of how we can create a special space out of an unused corner. This is the entry to "Casa la Piña" in Puerto Peñasco, Soñora. The tiles are from Saltillo and Guanajuato. The cantera stone is from Durango. The carved wormwood door is from Michoacan.


Un otro ejemplo de como podemos crear un espacio especial de una esquina des usada. Esta es la entrada de "Casa La Piña" en Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Los azulejos sone de Saltillo y Guanajuato. La piedra cantera es de Durango. La puerta es grabado a mano de pino apolillado de Michoacan.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


 No danger of dust bunnies or the dreaded 'squeekiness' when the mattress sits firmly on a concrete pedestal with integrated side tables.


Oh, this is one of my very favorites! It's from "Casa La Piña" in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.

Here I've combined 2 sizes of tumbled red travertine with talavera tiles from 3 different makers. Oiled Saltillo pavers make the traditional flooring.

The pedestal bed uses these elements as well, creating an ambiance for the suite.
¡Oh, esta es uno de mis mas favoritos! Es de "Casa La Piña" en Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.

Aqui he combinado 2 tamaños de travertine rojo tomboleado, con azulejos talavera desde 3 talleres differentes. Loseta saltillo acabado con aceite compone el piso tradicional.

La cama pedestal utilize tambien estos elementos, para crear un ambiente en el suite.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


                   Notice the mirror reflected. It's a mirror I had made for sale in the gallery. Jeannie saw it and, well...it was perfect!


    More of those wonderful astriados. My camera grabs the reds overly much...ho, hum...can't get it to unsaturate the red. It's quite red in reality, but not so overpowering as it appears here.

    This house was one of the most FUN ever for us, because it was a remodel for a couple of very dear friends.